ISSN : 2287-173X   /   E-ISSN : 2733-4848

Vol.9 no.2 (2014)

중국 전시산업의 현황 및 과제


(충남대학교 경상대학 무역학과 교수)


(충남대학교 경상대학 무역학과 초빙교수)

The purpose of this study is to analyze the current states and characteristics through the latest trends of Chinese exhibition industry. For this purpose, this study analyzed as follows. Firstly, this study analyzed the exhibition venues & centers(facilities) such as the number of exhibition venues by region and city, main exhibition centers of China, and the latest trends of new exhibition facilities in China. Secondly, this study analyzed the annual exhibitions(shows). we studied and evaluated the number of exhibitions(shows) by region and city, the number of exhibitions by exhibition center, the number of exhibitions by category of business in China. Thirdly, based on the above analysis, this study analyzed the current states and characteristics of Chinese exhibition industry. And, we presented the implications obtained by this analyses.
  중국, 전시산업, 중국전시산업, 전시회, 무역전시회, 전시장, 전시장

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