ISSN : 2287-173X   /   E-ISSN : 2733-4848

Vol.11 no.1 (2016)

Meta-analyses on the Competitiveness Evaluation of Convention Destinations

Yan Zhou

(Tourism College of Beijing Union University)

There are many studies carried on about the competitiveness of convention/exhibition destinations with intense competition among convention cities worldwide. This study examined the recent literature about convention destination competitiveness with meta-analyses. To fill the research gap, the literature were selected from journal papers in multiple languages initiatively, which are in English, Chinese and Korean. Key elements of academic papers such as publish year, key words, research paradigm, methodology were examined. The research found that studies in English were still the dominant researches, leading the topics, issues and research directions in related academic fields with a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods. These studies paid more attention to the attractiveness/attributes of the destination during site selection or decision--making process on the perspectives of meeting planners or attendees. Korean studies strictly followed western studies and developed new conceptual frameworks innovatively. Chinese studies were in the take-off stage of scale development for convention destination competitiveness with simplified methods. Limitations and implications of the study are given based on the research findings.

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