Vol.13 no.3 (2018)

DOI : 10.16938/ijtfs.2018.13.3.029

전시컨벤션센터의 가동률 산정 및 활용에 관한 연구


(건국대학교 국제무역학과 조교수)

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between the occupancy rate of the exhibition hall and the operation of the exhibition convention center and the revitalization of the local economy. To do this, we surveyed the occupancy rate and calculation method of the exhibition area of ​​major exhibition and convention centers in Asia, Europe and North America. The results is that first, most of the global exhibition convention centers do not calculate the occupancy rate separately or use it as the main indicator of the operational performance. Second, as the size of the exhibition area becomes larger, the competitiveness of the exhibition area is higher and the utilization rate is higher. Third, global exhibitors decided to expand the exhibition considering expansion opportunities, considering the number of available days in peak season. Finally, the operational missions and goals of the global exhibitors were the first to revitalize the local economy, and it was found that they were using appropriate facilities and various performance indicators.

An Study on the Occupancy Rate Calculation and Utilization of Exhibition Convention Center

Dong-Suk Chun

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